2nd edTPA Workshop for Elementary Inclusive Student Teachers

Our second Elementary Inclusive math edTPA workshop will be held this Wednesday, October 16th, from 1:30-3:00, in 130 Macy. Both the time and location have changed from our first workshop because there was not a large enough room available during our regular time.

If possible, please ask your CT if there is any way that you might be able to bring a math teacher’s guide, workbook, scope and sequence, or other planning tool that might help you look over your classroom’s rough plans for the next month and a half of math instruction.  If this is not possible, no worries- many materials are available online.

Please also bring:
-your elementary education edTPA handbook
-your completed mathematics context for learning form
-your learning segment overview form (blank)
-your math assessment commentary form (blank)
-Optional: a laptop or other device
If you have questions, please reach out to Katie Ledwell at kl462@tc.columbia.edu,