Educational Therapy employment opportunities

| March 5, 2019

Freudigman & Billings LLC is looking to hire recent graduates from education programs to train as Educational Therapists.  Our current opportunities can be found here:

Here is some brief information about our Educational Therapy service:

Educational Therapy provides individualized instruction for children and adolescents experiencing learning challenges. While a regular subject tutor focuses on teaching specific academic subject matter, Educational Therapists apply specialized training in learning differences and disabilities to address more systemic issues affecting an individual student’s academic performance.

Our Educational Therapy process is a unique and highly efficacious tutoring model in which students acquire the skill sets, self-knowledge, and resiliency they need to overcome future challenges and successfully launch themselves into their chosen career.

Our process at F&B employs a team-based approach in which our Educational Therapists work together with Dr. Kim Freudigman, Ph.D. Psychology, and Laura Noonan, a certified Educational Therapist, to generate a comprehensive plan designed to address the individual’s academic concerns and target the student’s strengths and weaknesses. We utilize the student’s own daily schoolwork to remediate academic concerns related to psychological/motivational barriers, ADHD, executive functioning concerns, reading and language disabilities, math-related deficits, and auditory and visual processing weaknesses. Because every student has different concerns, sessions may range from skill-based remediation to social and behavioral supports. We form supportive relationships and communicate–not just with the student but also with all the people in the community involved in their educational development.