Alumni Opportunity: Teachers College Inclusive Classrooms Project

| October 4, 2016

The Teachers College Inclusive Classrooms Project (TCICP), co-directed by Drs. Celia Oyler and Britt Hamre, believes that educators are thinking professionals, ready and willing to critically question their practices, try new things, and build their own capacity to create​ greater inclusivity in their classrooms. We work for critical inclusivity: designing ways​ to think deeply and thoughtfully about what it means to belong, recognizing​ the inherent value of all members for who they are, and creating spaces to meaningfully participate in and contribute to the community. Our vast experience has confirmed our understanding from education research ​that professional and intellectual growth is best facilitated through long term, locally derived, inquiry work. Thus,​ questions and dilemmas of teachers and administrators form the basis for sustained, personalized inquiry as we collaboratively investigate how to challenge and support ​all the ​learners in their schools.

To engage educators in this work, TCICP is offering four types of professional development in 2016-17:

Curriculum Design Teams provide educators the opportunity to join colleagues from across the city (and a TCICP Staff Developer) once per month in collaborative inquiry around designing, implementing, studying, and publishing units of study that are standards-based and structured around the principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL). This PD is sponsored by the NYC DOE and is no cost to attend.

Demonstration School Site Visits allow administrators and school leaders to visit a TCICP school and see inclusive practices in action. Join TCICP for a morning of guided classroom observations and a Q&A with school staff and leaders. This PD is sponsored by the NYC DOE and is no cost to attend.

Inquiry-to-Action teams are an opportunity for educators to come together with a TCICP Staff Developer and colleagues across the city seven times during the school year around literacy practices or using technology in the classroom. They will receive PD on their topic, do independent research, and create a digital inquiry at the end of the year, showcasing their work. For examples, please visit our website. This PD is sponsored by the NYC DOE and is no cost to attend.

Workshop offerings are one or two-day offerings for paraprofessionals, teachers, and administrators across a variety of topics: challenging behavior and crisis paraprofessionals; co-teaching co-planning; math for supporting and access; universal design for learning; and utilizing all adults in a classroom. These are a great introduction to inclusive education, TCICP, and our staff. There is a nominal fee to attend.


For more information on any of our offerings, click the links provided or email us directly ( with any questions.