BBE edTPA fellow position

| March 1, 2017

There is a job opportunity available for anyone who is interested in assisting a BBE teacher candidate with passing edTPA.

edTPA Assistant, Bilingual and Bicultural Education


$15 per hour, up to 20 hours per week for Spring 2017 and a bit over the summer (if needed) and to continue for Fall 2017

Familiarity with:


  • Designing formal and informal assessments aligned with learning objectives;

  • Familiarity with current teaching practices and philosophies including rationale for teaching strategies and instructional materials used or modified during instruction;

  • Selecting instructional materials, strategies, or activities to accommodate students’ diverse learning needs, including English Language Learners, high-performing students, and students with IEPs/504 Plans;

  • Identifying strategies on how to best group students in a classroom, based on instructional goals;

  • Qualitative and/or quantitative research methods;

  • Succinct academic writing.


Preferred Qualifications


Salient experience with all the above points plus:


  • Teaching and supervising in diverse classrooms and school settings;

  • Developing lesson plans in the subject area of the assignment;

  • Experience with audio-visual recording in classroom settings, digital editing and uploading.

Interested applicants can send inquiries to Sharon Chang: scc2168attcdotcolumbiadotedu