Collaborative Curriculum Inquiry, 11/28

| November 28, 2018
Dear TC Community,
The Curriculum & Teaching Graduate Student Collaborative will be hosting a Collaborative Inquiry Event this Wednesday, 11/28, from 2-4pm, in the Smith Learning Theater on the 4th floor of Russell. Light refreshments will be served.


C&T Collaborative Inquiry is:
-a chance to discuss your current work or ideas for project undertakings (does not have to be traditional research) with peers
-a non-formal setting in which to discuss pressing issues in Education 
-an opportunity to learn more about the work students are undertaking within the various departments at TC
C&T students are hosting this event, along with upcoming Collaborative Inquiry events, in an attempt to create spaces outside of classrooms to gain new insights and perspectives into the study of education, in all its forms. Additionally, these events are an opportunity to work on presentation proposals for the Spring, C&T Graduate Student Led Conference, which is a great opportunity to share your work with TC and gain experience presenting at academic conferences.

We hope to see you on 11/28!

C&T Graduate Student Collaborative


Heather Gorton

C&T Student Senator