Core on 10.16.13

| October 13, 2013

For class on Oct. 16 we are not meeting in cohorts. Instead,  please select the group below that is the closest match for you to discuss Race in the Schoolyard. Each group will meet in its own room for the entire  4-7pm. class (you do not need to sign-up ahead of class). Please make sure to bring your copy of the book, or if you used a library version, come with quotes from the book that surprised you.

Request: If you have any magazines that could be cut and used for collage, please bring them to class.
Room 461 GDH — I have thought a lot about my racial identity in my life, and I talk about race and racism easily. I am looking to dig in deeply to develop anti-racist pedagogy in schools.
Room 229 TH — have not thought much, until I came to this program, about my racial identity, and I get nervous talking about race and racism.  I am looking for ways to be more alert and more fluent to matters of race and racism in schools.
Room 539 GDH — I am really dealing with a lot of questions right now about my racial identity.  I am looking for ways to push myself and others in conversations about race and racism in schools.