C+T SAC Newsletter

| February 17, 2017
Dear C&T,

Please read the newsletter below for updates from your Student Advisory Council (hereafter the ‘Graduate Student Collaborative’).

Some highlights:

  • Thank you to everyone who made it out to the Teachers’ Gallery on Monday! We enjoyed learning from and with the 10 knowledgeable and passionate educators who shared their experiences and practices. A sincere Thank You to the exhibitors and to our guest presenter Timothy Lomas, founder of the Global Children’s Art Programme.
  • Our next meeting will be on Feb 27, featuring art-making and preparations for the Graduate Student Conference.
  • As part of the action research component of the C&T Diversity Report (2014-2016), we invite you to submit photo responses to the question “where do you experience acceptance within C&T?” to candtsac@gmail.com.
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your Graduate Student Collaborative
C&T news 2.15.17