C&T Student Advisory Council Newsletter and Sign-Up Link

| October 6, 2016

Dear C&T,

We had two informational meetings for the Student Advisory Council over the past few weeks, and are excited to make the ideas shared at those meetings transparent and accessible to you. Toward that end, this email runs a bit long, to catch you up on what that has been happening.

Throughout the conversations, ideas, and projects, we’re striving to keep this council grounded in its founding purpose:
  • exploring our lived experiences of diversity, considering how our identities effect our experience of the various programs within the department, and communicating to (advising) faculty on how to be more responsive or inclusive of that diversity.
  • responding to student desire for community within and across programs.

Read about the various projects and ideas below. If you’re interested in becoming more involved, or just kept on an email chain for a specific project, sign up here.

At that same link, you can also demonstrate availability for a monthly SAC meeting. SAC meetings will be held when the majority of interested students can attend (physically or virtually). We intend to make those conversations available via newsletters like this one and welcome additional ideas for sharing this work.
We hope to hear your voice at the next SAC meeting or event!
Sarah and Seth

Project Ideas
Graduate Student-Led Conference
Many of us what to know more each other’s research and practice. This is an opportunity to feature the work of fellow masters and doctoral students. There are ideas for poster sessions, roundtables, paper talks, and panels featuring topics relating to inclusive education, work in international contexts, and identity. If you’re interested in participating in this process or have ideas for different sessions, your involvement is welcome! Masters and doctoral students are invited to present and lead at the conference.
Students in, and who have gone through, the masters programs have expressed a desire for mentorship opportunities akin to the wonderful support Mary Ann creates for the doctoral students. There’s also a call for mentorship and support specific to international students. If you’d like to be involved in the development of these programs, serve as a mentor, or want to share your thoughts and experience, please do so!
Brown-Bag Talks 
To continuing critical conversations on the lived experiences of diversity, and hear more about each other’s work as it relates to these issues, an idea developed for brown-bag talks. Each discussion would center around issues of race, gender, religion, sexuality, class, ability, and other elements of identity (and their intersections).  Advanced doctoral students and faculty will be invited to share their current work as it relates to these issues, and that discussion can be a springboard for continuing the conversation in relation to our own experiences. Talks will be recorded and video made available for those who were unable to attend. If you’re interested in sharing your work, attending, or organizing these talks, let us know!
Participatory Action Research
How does our department experience diversity? What does diversity mean to our students and faculty? A group of students, guided by faculty, will work on a project similar to the 2013 Experiencing Diversity Report, written by C&T doctoral student Cath Goulding, Prof. Celia Oyler, and Prof. Robert Carter.
Access to Opportunities
There’s a robust conversation happening around making opportunities accessible and transparent, particularly for students who are working or parenting or who are less familiar with the academic system and cultural norms, and unpacking the advantages accumulated by positions of privilege. How might the recent unionizing activities of other graduate schools be relevant for our experience in C&T/TC? Some students are learning more about labor history and organizing opportunities, and this is a conversation happening across programs and departments. We welcome your input and involvement in these efforts.
Special Projects 
A “catch-all” of sorts for ideas including a workshop from the Intergroup Dialogue Project, a student representative to faculty meetings, coffee (and decaf beverage) hour in Zankel, a course advising fair, and collaborations with SACs in other departments. Sign up if you want to help make these happen!
Organizational Note
Each of these projects will be led by different students. The SAC will serve as a central point for us to come together for updates and shared conversations.