Curriculum & Teaching Internship (with Stipend)

| August 29, 2016

iLab Global is looking for 3 interns interested in book publishing and curriculum development, to refine the curriculum of a seven (K-6) (7) primary school ICT book series currently being used in the Caribbean. The books encompasses material for the student and teacher. The books loosely integrate traditional subjects (Language Arts, Math, Science, etc.) and provides related activities for the students. The refinement of the books and development of content for an online companion website, guided by the books, will be the main thrust of this internship. As the company is located in the Caribbean, work for this internship with be completed online, with regular meetings held week.

Candidates should have the ability to:

  • Develop K-6 – Curriculum for both written content, online content and activities for use in an LMS.
  • Prepare innovative assessment methods using technology to measure learning.
  • Effectively combine (online) technology activities with traditional subject matter to create effective lesson plans and associated activities.
  • Develop questions for data collection, assessment, research and evaluation for the student and teacher.
  • Refine, create and assess lessons and activities in the book, to ensure that they are clearly connected to the learning objectives.
  • Design content and activities that map traditional subject matter and activities for use in online activities.
  • Develop associated tests to measure learning, based on the UbD framework.
  • Develop an element of game-play for integration in the curriculum and corresponding Instructional Technology.

**Please email your resume and cover letter to <Mako at iLabGlobal dot com>