Global Learning Alliance Conference April 8-10

| September 5, 2013

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April 8-10, 2014 – Global Learning Alliance Conference: What in the World are Schools Doing to Cultivate 21st Century Capacities, and Why Does This Matter?

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The GLA conference, hosted by Studies in Educational Innovation, brings together thought leaders from schools, universities and private industry to share the latest research, innovations, and applications concerning what it means to educate for 21st century capacities. Participants come from the top performing and most innovative countries in the world, including Finland, Shanghai, Singapore, Australia and Canada

7 Areas of Focus:

1. Critical thinking / Critical capacities

2. Creative thinking / Innovation / Entrepreneurship

3. Ethical thinking / global awareness / global consciousness

4. Game-based learning / Design thinking / Blended learning

5. Digital, multimodal and new literacies

6. Authentic problem-solving / Real-world learning / Service learning

7. Assessing Creativity/Innovative Assessments in the 21st century