“Paid Student Teaching” Policy for 2019-2020 ☆

For the 2019-2020 academic year, we are implementing a policy that is designed to give experienced educators the opportunity to use their teaching positions as their student teaching placement.  This policy will apply to very few candidates, as most of our student teachers are not experienced educators. 

In order to be considered for a “paid student teaching” arrangement, your teaching position must meet ALL of the the program’s criteria, as enumerated in our Paid Student Teaching Application.  The program team will consider your responses regarding experiential opportunities as part of the application review process. 

To complete this application, adhere to the following steps: 1) confirm that your position meets all of the criteria; 2)  make an appointment with the Elementary Inclusive student teaching coordinator, and bring the application form with you; 3) if the coordinator indicates that you appear to meet the criteria, attain acknowledgement forms to be signed by your principal and cooperating teacher.  Scan and send all completed materials to the student teacher coordinator by June 28, 2019 for review by the program team.  The student teacher coordinator will notify you with a final decision.