Spring course – A&H 5199, Special Topics, Modern Arabic & Islamic Culture and Literature

| December 11, 2018

A&H 5199, Special Topics: Modern Arabic & Islamic Culture and Literature

Mondays 7:20-9:00 PM (2-3 credits)

This course will introduce students to Middle Eastern, Arabic, and Islamic culture largely through the narrative representations of cultural identity to be found in popular folklore, films, and a fascinating body of contemporary Middle Eastern short stories and novels. These genres will be examined within and in relation to the political and social changes taking place in the Middle East. Our ultimate aim is to achieve a well-informed, nuanced, and empathic understanding of the diverse peoples of the contemporary Arab world and of their rich culture and history.

Instructor: Jonas Elbousty, Senior Lecturer in Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations and Co-Director of the Arabic Studies Program, Yale University

Enroll please by December 21st