Summer and Fall 2017 Registration Information

| April 28, 2017

For continuing students, registration for Summer and Autumn Terms via web registration began on Monday, April 24.  Speak to your advisor to make sure that you’re on track for graduation.

For new students, registration for Summer and Autumn Terms  via web registration began on Monday, May 1.

Linked below are the course offerings for the summer and fall semesters that fulfill program requirements.

Summer:  Summer_2017_courses_that_fulfill_program_requirements-REVISED

Fall:  Fall_2017_courses_that_fulfill_program_requirements revised

New student teachers will receive registration information for your student teaching courses (C&T 4123, C&T 4726 and C&T 4132) in August after student teaching placements have been finalized. If you’re planning to take additional classes, you may sign up for those immediately.

CSE interns and SIEE students in the last semester may register for C&T 4301 (CRN 20098) at this time. During the summer, all CSE students will receive a letter with registration information for the fall.  SIEE students must complete the student teaching year before taking this course.

Email <preservice at tc dot edu> to get special permission if you’re planning to take C&T 4000 or 4143 during the summer or fall semesters.

Continuing students will not need a PIN to register.