Summer job opportunity

| May 22, 2018
Hours: Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 8.30am-7pm until September (with option to transition into after school care)
Rate: $16/hour
Contact: Nanika at <33brooklyngirl at gmail dot com>



We take our daughter’s thoughts, feelings, & opinions seriously. Our discipline style involves setting kind, firm limits & helping her understand appropriate behaviors while speaking to her gently & respectfully. We feel that she learns best through self-directed play. Her social-emotional development is far more important to us than teaching her colors, numbers & letters at this age.

We are looking for a punctual, reliable, & generally healthy (rarely gets too sick to come to work & rarely calls out of work for personal reasons) caregiver willing to be trained in non-punitive respect/connection-based childcare for our 2-year-8-month old child.

Our child goes outside every day, rain or shine – unless the weather is dangerous, so our caregiver needs to be a lover of the outdoors, + energetic/fit enough to keep up with a gross-motor-loving kiddo.

Ideally you’ve already heard of Magda Gerber’s R.I.E. approach to caregiving ( but it’s not required – particularly if you are interested in enhancing your caregiving skills by being trained to care for children from this perspective. Training will require reading books & articles about child development/respectful caregiving & having regular discussions with us about these readings. We want to work with someone who really “gets it” – who understands the importance of helping a child feel felt, seen and heard.

The perfect candidate is someone whose career plan involves working in child development, child psychology, progressive education, psychotherapy, or mindfulness.


1) Previous experience providing full care (feeding, bathing, diaper changes, etc) for a 2-3 year old.

2) At least 3 checkable references

3) Current child CPR/First Aid certification

In your reply, in addition to your relevant experience/background, please explain:  

1) your experience with or interest in the R.I.E. approach or respectful caregiving.

2) what you hope to get out of working with a family like ours.

3) the qualities that make you a particularly good match for this position.

4) how you would handle this situation: You are with my toddler at the playground, and you’ve just given her a snack (that she finished all of). She wants more to eat & begins to have a screaming, crying meltdown.