Tutoring easy going, high performing 3rd grade girl

| January 9, 2018

Dear professors and students, 

I’m in search of a teacher or student to tutor my third grade daughter in both math and reading. She attends one of the best public elementary schools on the UWS, and wants to expand her abilities in reading and math to help prepare her for the state tests. 

Sessions would be held preferably in our home either weekly or bi/monthly. I prefer to arrange two hour sessions; splitting time between reading and math. One hour sessions also work well. 

My daughter is currently in a placed reading group that meets once a week. She is reading above grade level in her weekly session and on grade level in class. Her reading level vacillates. She was reading beyond grade level earlier in the school year; currently she’s on the cusp of reading above grade level overall. She took a reading class last summer where she was placed in a reading level above her grade level. That said, there are opportunities for her to polish her writing and reading skills, especially in developing inferential comprehension skills.

My daughter would also like to receive tutoring in math. She loves math as much as writing and reading. She’s proficient in her computation skills though multi step problems can confuse her. My daughter is eager to learn, loves to be tutored, and has an easy going disposition. 

If interested in this opportunity, please email me at <iricaeve at gmail dot com>. Please include a little about yourself, your experience in tutoring/teaching, and your availability.