TWO Part-time Job Opportunities in the East Village (2nd St & 2nd Ave)

| September 5, 2017
If you are looking for a part-time job, this might be of interest to you. Please contact Melle at this email address: melle dot odee at word version: Melle (dot) odee (at) gmail (dot) com
1) Playschool ROC for ages 4 – 7
Wednesdays 10:45 – 2:00and/or Fridays 11:45 – 3:00 (this could be the same person, or 2 different people on the different days)
Must really like little kids (we have found not all teachers do), either leading or helping create a warm, enchanted environment of play and learning fun.  
Ideal for someone who has a passion they like to share (examples are board games, cooking, science, math, tinkering, languages, culture, etc), and can use to teach with/through.  It is important that children learn in this class, but more important that the learning is free flowing and fun.  Not really a class for sitting, listening to lecture and being questioned/quizzed.
Here is the class description:
Playschool ROC for AGES 4-7

Our time will be one of cooperative learning that combine fun lessons, activities, free play and/or outdoor time for a well rounded experience.  Each meeting will include exploration of a wide variety of materials and activities with the goal of learning while having fun with friends for an extended time on a consistent weekly basis.

Examples of experiences include “writer’s workshops,” read alouds and sing alongs in English, French and Spanish to delve into language arts; fun experiments, wooden block and Lego building, cooking, drawing, and tumbling on mats to probe scientific and mathematical concepts;  dance breaks, games and obstacle courses to expand motor and physical skills; circle time, show & tell, music, and painting to support and explore abstract concepts such as ethics, kindness, sharing,………..and much more.

Playschool ROC is led by enthusiastic and experienced teachers who’s role is that of thoughtful and caring guides on the students’ experiential journeys.

2) Learning Coordinator for ages 4 – 15
Wednesdays 2:00 – 5:00, and possibly Fridays 12:00-5:00
Although this is more of a “sitter,” type position, this person should also really love and “get” kids.  Even though the position isn’t attached to a specific class, it still needs an individual who can be fully prepared with strategies, and be fully attentive to the student(s), (hopefully no/limited device use during their time on site), and is interested in engaging childrens’ minds and creativity, not just in clocking in hours for a job.  The ideal person looks at it as an opportunity to learn about different types of students, and want to use the time to gain experience experimenting with methods and ideas.
The responsibilities include being aware of their assigned students at all times, know what classes they are supposed to be in, assist teachers with those assigned students if needed, and/or classroom management if needed, in general, help keep productive flow of the day, and being consistently communicative with lead teachers or organizer in both reporting activity, and sharing ideas for effective and productive coordinating.