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Fall 2018 Office Hours  ☆

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“Paid Student Teaching” Policy for 2018-2019  ☆

For the 2018-2019 academic year, we are implementing a new policy which is designed to give experienced educators the opportunity to use their teaching position as their student teaching placement.  This policy will apply to very few candidates, as most of our student teachers are not experienced educators.  In order to be considered for a “paid student …

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Fall 2018 Courses that Fulfill Program Requirements  ☆

Click here to see the fall courses list:  Fall_2018_courses_that_fulfill_program_requirements If you would like to take C&T 4000 or C&T 4143 in the fall semester, email preservice at tc dot edu.

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Updated Program Handbook  ☆

The updated program handbook is available:  Preservice_Handbook_Apr_2018

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Program Planning Sheets  ☆

For advising purposes, here are copies of your program planning sheet.  Please keep track of your progress with your faculty advisor and compare it to your Degree Audit. If you've received a signature for an Educational Foundations waiver, bring your signed planning sheet to the program manager in 308C ZB so that your Degree Audit …

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New Student Teaching Website  ☆

We have a new student teaching website!  The new link is: Be aware that the previous website will no longer be active, so refer to this one for the calendar, announcements, resources, and more.

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